Capital Solutions

CapSol is Looking for a Few Good Partners

CapSol provides capital solutions to forward-thinking companies looking to create synergistic partnerships. We specialize in technology, communications and similar niche market sectors that need a partner to help transform their vision into reality.

CapSol provides capital solutions for companies at three distinctly different stages of maturity.

  • “Angel” funding to help companies get started
  • “Lifeblood” funding for existing companies that can benefit from additional investment
  • “Ramp-up” funding for companies that are ready for expansion

CapSol looks for specific characteristics in its venture partners, particularly in terms of company leadership. Such characteristics include individuals and/or organizations with an appropriate entrepreneurial spirit; a proven track record; depth of experience; a forward-thinking approach to business; and a commitment to conduct business in a highly ethical fashion.Circles

When CapSol finds a “match” for these characteristics, it further screens each partnership prospect based on the following criteria.

  • Target partner is a small to medium-sized company in its area of expertise
  • Prospect can “make the case” for its business opportunity with it’s written business plan, including both sales and marketing components
  • Prospect must have enough capital (including the investment capital they are requesting) to effectively execute their plan
  • Prospect’s operations model meets CapSol’s operational guidelines


To ensure a smooth working relationship with prospective partners, CapSol has created a series of operating protocols that facilitate effective communication for both partners.

If you and your vision meet these standards, CapSol is prepared to invest up to $20M in capital to achieve agreed upon objectives. That’s why opportunities with CapSol are true partnerships.

  • Preferred accounting practices (or an accounting firm that uses such practices in cases where accounting is not done in-house)
  • An open reporting system similar to that used by public companies reporting to shareholders
  • Reporting, monitoring and tracking guidelines
  • Appropriate protection for intellectual property