CapSol believes the future of business lies in the continued development of technology solutions. Our focus is to provide capital solutions to companies that will flourish in such an environment when properly funded and properly managed. We are particularly interested in working with technology firms, communications providers and similar niche market sectors.

Experience indicates some companies are better positioned to benefit from a CapSol partnership. Examples of strong candidates include entrepreneurs with a clear vision and other similar companies in their early stages of development. CapSol is interested in both small and medium-size companies, particularly those that can respond quickly and are open to input.

CapSol’s approach is to provide superior solutions based on a partnership approach, governed by the tenets of our Mission Statement

Our Mission


  • Provide a comprehensive platform of capital solutions that give our customers the most effective means possible to achieve their own business goals.
  • Sustain customer relationships by providing unparalleled support and identifying extended relationships and partnerships to create an environment in which all will flourish.
  • Delight customers by exceeding their expectations whenever and wherever possible


...will earn the trust of its customers by conducting our business with honesty and integrity in all interactions.

...wants its employees to feel passionate about fulfilling our mission. We believe they will if our culture stimulates individual initiative, innovation, participation, continuous learning and teamwork.

...believes employees should be treated with the same integrity, consideration and respect they are expected to share externally with every CapSol customer.

...believes our customers are partners and as such, have the right to expect uncompromising quality, impeccable ethics and absolute commitment to their needs throughout their partnership.

...has a responsibility to deliver value to our stakeholders, and we believe sustainable growth and long-term profitability will be a direct result of our success in satisfying customers and motivating employees.

...recognizes that our health and well-being are directly tied to that of the world around us. We seek to support our society by contributing time, energy and resources to worthwhile causes and investing in the future without compromising the present.